RE Proud 7 Sergio Ros de Mora

This picture may just seem a bunch of people cheering a woman up while cycling. But it’s not that simple, the cyclist is Olga and was detected a breast cancer back in 2015. Since she was under a genetic testing she was diagnosed at an early stage and overcame it. Nowadays she is capable of doing sports again and able to face a challenge such as a time trial. What’s more, the woman in black standing on the left is her current genetics oncologist and the reason she seems deeply moved and proud of.

RE Proud 5 Wouter Hoogenboom

Balancing cycling with a busy family life is a challenge that many people can relate to. After Luiz’ daughter Mia was born, it wasn’t easy for him to stick to a structured training program. But that was exactly what he did and not without success: He went on to win the New York State Criterium Championship! However, the best part of this story is that Luiz got to celebrate this highlight with his daughter – a dream come true!