Jack Bobridge and Leigh Howard on scratch for the Austral heats.

Emerson Harwood.

Rikki Belder won the Keirin with Anna Meares in second.

Catherine Culvenor.

Brooke Tucker won the Women's Austral Wheel Race.

Zach Williams after winning the Austral Wheel Race.

Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard lead the Scratch Race.

Hisense Arena,

Safety netting.

Large crowds turned out to see the action unfold.

Patrick Constable.

Christopher Bryan.

Jacob Schmid.

Anna Meares.

Kimberly Wells and Jessie Maclean talk tactics pre race.

Annette Edmondson and Jessica Mundy proved to strong in the Women's Madison.

The pairing of Nicholas Yallouris and Jackson Law proved to be the winning combination.

Australian cycling legend Danny Clark racing in the Madison

Dan Fitter goes for another lap late in the Madison.

It's a team sport.