2015 Philadelphia International Cycling Classic

Mackenzie Brennan at the sign on for the Men's race.

It was an 8am race start for the Men's race.

Lachlan Morton on the start line.

Travis McCabe chats with two time winner Kiel Reijnen on the start line.

Bobridge and Horner

Martin Kohler rides in the peloton on the first lap.

The 'Manayunk Wall' is the main feature of the race.

The peloton race under a railway bridge at the base of the climb.

Out of the shadows comes Alexandr Braico.

Tanner Putt puts in a big effort on the climb.

Lauren Hall and Kirsten Wild catch up prior to the race start.

The large crowd watch on as the riders are called up.

The top seeds on the front line.

Tayler Wiles puts in the hard yards on the climb.

The local authorities were in force for the big days events.

Armitstead was looking comfortable in the peloton.

Last years winner Evelyn Stevens.

Dropped riders in the Women's race still got plenty of encouragement.

Plenty of noise on the climb.

Lizzie Armitstead takes the win!

It takes a lot of suffering to win a World Cup race.

A big thumbs up for a fab win..

Armitstead heads to the podium knowing that she not only won the race but also takes over the World Cup lead.

Podium time.

Elizabeth Armitstead in the World Cup leaders jersey.

A day on the Manayunk Wall